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What our clients say about us

Our clients are our best lawyers, so don’t listen to us, listen to them ! You can also write your opinion if you wish by completing the contact form.

Diego Dubois, Drucker 

« We are satisfied with the professionalism of the company and the quality of the colour charts that we order each year. »


Sylvie Géroult-Malika Ouazi, Médiathèque Fontenay aux Roses

« My colleague from the youth center and I validate all your proposals and requests. We will also send to all colleagues who catalog the documents, to ensure the positioning of bar codes.

Thank you very much for this precise follow-up, we have never worked with such involved partners, it is a real pleasure. » 


Capucine Chevalier, Hubler

« I wanted to give you a feedback on the finished wood delivered. The colour chart has been well done. Thank you for your work, for the quality of cutting and gluing.» 


Eugène Bourgignon, Centre Hospitalier Sud Francilien

« It is with a few words that I wanted to express my satisfaction with the Nordprint company which, in view of the difficult context for all, has been able to provide a solution to achieve and supply customers.

The completion of our DPUPS files required joint consultation to review and improve the packaging and logistics quality aspects, which today brings a positive picture.

I wish all the teams a good recovery, and that our professional relations continue.»