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Nordprint rewarded in the “France’s recovery plan”

Nordprint rewarded in the “France’s recovery plan”

The company is the laureate of the industrial investment acceleration fund. Its project is the sampling service in the decoration sector, initially for the painting.

Adhesive and repositionable paint sample. Illustration Picardie La Gazette

Nordprint has built its sampling offer on 4 axes :

  • Improve consumer confidence with an innovation in use

A real paint sample in the format of 20 x 20 cm so that the consumer can see and touch the product, compare the colors and buy with certainty his painting.
The sample is adhesive and repositionable, which makes it possible to visualize the tint in any room and in the light of it.

  • Optimizing the operational organization of industrialists

Nordprint wishes to simplify processes with a complete sampling service : manufacturing, storage, picking, enveloping and sending to consumers.

  • Having an eco-responsible approach, a vector of growth

While subscribing to its CSR approach, Nordprint produces the samples with stone paper made without wood, water or chlorine. Samples are shipped to the consumer in an FSC certified paper envelope.

  • Establish local roots to serve Europe

Currently based in Tunisia, the storage and shipment of samples will be transferred to a dedicated site in Picardy by the end of the year. This will reduce the lead time for orders and the duration of deliveries. This site will constitute an important pole for developing the sampling service in Europe, in particular the countries bordering France.

For more information, download the press release.