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  • Textile trimmings, it’s an art

    Decorative trim is finally in tune with the times. With dyed, unwound, warped, woven and wrapped threads in fringes, tassels, tassels, braids or piping, cords and tiebacks : material becomes an art. All these pretty words speak of a delicate textile industry that is both weaving and haute couture. We find trimmings as an accessory […]

  • 630 000 samples of laminates


    Nordprint has realised colour charts with laminate samples for the company Hubler, distributor and transformer of decorative panels in natural materials. After the metal and magnetic range, it is the turn of rough woods and finished woods to have their colour charts. Rough and finished wood range Hubler has edited its 2 colour charts for […]

  • Nordprint shares the first CSR report


    Nordprint has just published its 2019/2020 Corporate Social Responsibility report. At the start of the year, we performed an audit of our carbon emissions by B&L Evolution. It allowed us to know our impacts on the environment. This study enabled us to write a CSR report including an extract from the CARBON FOOTPRINT® and the […]

  • Fine Art Colour Charts : what a talent !

    nuancier peinture aquarelle dégradé nordprint 03

    When choosing a colour, you need to see the real deal! As a colour chart manufacturer, Nordprint applies the actual product for oils, acrylics, gouache, watercolour, ink, marker, coloured pencil… solid or gradient: showcase your colour pallet with a true application. 100% tailor-made: every colour chart is unique!

  • As the planet heats up… we’re taking things seriously at Nordprint


    For its first Bilan Carbone®, Nordprint collaborated with the consultancy firm B&L Evolution. After weeks of collecting and processing data, the results allowed us to outline our areas for improvement. Request our carbon audit report at

  • 9 million samples per year

    nuancier stratifié nordprint 01

    To present your laminate collection, choose the material (brochure, leaflet, bundle, fan, etc.), Nordprint will cut your materials, glue and mount them. More info: Nathalie Havez

  • New website

    Site internet Nordprint

    Welcome to our new website. New web design, new images, new functionalities… We hope you enjoy browsing and you will find all the answers to your questions. The improved design should help you to find the information you need more easily. We have added new functionalities to make it more dynamic. The photo library was […]