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New Managing Director at Nordprint

New Managing Director at Nordprint

Guillaume Bonadei Managing Director Nordprint

Guillaume Bonadei joined Nordprint as Managing Director in February 2021.

Guillaume Bonadei’s mission will be to perpetuate and develop Nordprint’s activities by becominf an innovative player through the assocation of digitak and technical mastery of medium / high-end shaping. He will aslo ensure the internatiolization of activities in the European Union and the Mediterranean basin.

Graduated of ISCTEC in Paris in 2007, Guillaume Bonadei spent more than 10 years in China. He was notably Director of the Business Support Service if CCI France Chine and Asia Commercial Director of the ECAT-ID SME. Back in France in 2018, Guillaume Bonadei created MOTEN Technologies, a digital solution for measuring muscle activity.

His experience will allow Nordprint to structure its innovation strategy and to porject itself into international markets.