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Frequently Asked Questions – Health Records

Frequently Asked Questions - Health Records

Our 10 tips :

1/ Create an inventory of printed materials
2/ Group by type, distinguishing between printed materials per type
3/ Avoid grouping by product
4/ Describe the products
– for simple printed material groups : you can request description grids
– for finished files, archive sleeves : send templates to candidates
5/ Discuss with printers to exchange and optimise your printed materials
6/ Simplify sample requests
7/ Indicate the estimated annual requirements as well as the minimum quantity per order
8/ Request advice to choose the best paper offering the biggest savings
9/ Define the contract length
10/ Describe the contract logistics

Watch the video to see more :

PDF is a secure format. It includes all the data needed by the printer : text, logo, images. It is the preferred format for pre-press professionals.