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Frequently Asked Questions – Binding

Frequently Asked Question - Binding

Everything we do to reinforce a library book: lamination, paperback, flat back, round back, recasing.


The process to bind a book block in a separately created case.

A process which involves removing the cover from the book block, unstitching the sections and carefully removing the threads and potential traces of adhesive.

A process to create transverse grooves in the spine of a book block to apply around 1mm of adhesive.

Adhesive binding ensuring a perfect bond for the book block by placing it in a binding vice and adding the adhesive after laying the book on one side and then the other. In traditional binding, we refer to “applying the adhesive”.

Also called calico, gauze or tarlatan, muslin is a woven fabric which we place on the book block’s spine to strengthen the book’s sheets.  It can have 1, 2 or 3 threads or tarlatan (complete weave).

Endpapers are placed at the start and end of the volume before sewing or gluing, to protect it and improve its appearance. They are used to bond the cover during casing.