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Frequently Asked Questions – Colour Charts

Frequently Asked Questions - Colour Charts

The material file : an automated calculation !
A tool developed by Nordprint which automatically calculates the materials needed to create your colour chart. After listing your colour chart’s materials: references, shades, formats, widths… it will tell you the amounts needed to produce your colour charts.

Your print file will contain bleeding, cutting and groove marks. To ensure high-quality sample mounting, we also need mounting markers. Reduce the size of the markers by 2mm compared to the sample size. Our computer graphics service checks all files and sends a Print Approval before starting to print.

Your colour chart is created on printed products where we mount your materials. You want to provide these printed materials. That’s fine, but you should always give us an extra 10% of these printed materials. This extra amount will allow us to remove any printed materials with defects and ensure we deliver the ordered amount to you.

We are going to showcase your materials in your colour chart. So make sure you protect them! They must arrive intact at our workshops. Ensure you use durable packaging. If you are sending a flexible material, e.g. cloth, it’s best to use rolls – never fold your materials!

The first stage of producing a colour chart is the “material inventory”. An important stage where our workshop receives your materials and gets to know them. Incorrect labelling preventing us from identifying the materials means numerous photos, emails back and forth and disrupted production.

The template: our reference tool

The benchmark is the template which will help us to do a good job. You print your mock-up with your office printer and “DIY” a colour chart with a lovely bit of material in the right spot. This is a real helping hand for the workshop. Your benchmark will be used as an inspection tool which the workshop will refer to throughout production.