CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nordprint contributes to sustainable development by proactively considering social and environmental issues in its business activity.

Nordprint invests in people, the environment and relations with partners.

Responsible production and logistics management


CSR strategy starts from the supply of raw materials. That is why Nordprint carefully selects its suppliers with criteria such as ISO standards and PEFC, FSC or other certifications.

Nordprint implements product transport solutions such as paper strip packaging, order grouping and environmentally friendly transport.


Community outreach

Nordprint is a hand finishing workshop. People are the company’s lifeblood. Valuing the people around Nordprint seems obvious.

Nordprint has formed partnerships to help children in remote areas in Tunisia.

Mission Bibliothèques


With Bibliothèques Sans Frontières, Almadanya and Dachser, we build libraries in Tunisian schools.

Our objective is to reach 10 libraries across the country.

Adel / Akouda


Nordprint collects books from the agence Antenne de Diffusion et d’Échange du Livre in Paris to donate them to the association SOS Villages d’Enfants in Akouda.

The association, which supports 108 children without family support, now has a library.

1 book processed by Nordprint = 1 donation to Almadanya


Nordprint donates €0.1 per book processed to Almadanya.

700 books entrusted to Nordprint means €70 to the association. €70 is the annual cost to transport one child to school for a year.


Completing the BILAN CARBONE®


For the first time, Nordprint has completed its carbon foorprint through the agency B&L Evolution. This allowed us to review CO2 emissions by all our activities.

Actions were put in place to obtain results looking forward to 2025 to reduce our environmental impacts.

The 2020 CSR report will be available soon. Please bear with us...