CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nordprint contributes to sustainable development by proactively considering social and environmental issues in its business activity.

Nordprint invests in people, the environment and relations with partners.

Our 6 objectives in CSR policy

Know our
carbon footprint


With the support of B&L Evolution, Nordprint now knows its environmental impacts thanks to carbon footprint®. A key step in its CSR policy.

Imagine eco-reponsible


Nordprint is constantly evolving in its packaging of finished products. We make them become more environmentally friendly and sustainable while protecting the products.

Integrate the CSR policy of our
suppliers into our selection criteria


Developing our CSR policy also involves our purchases of raw materials. We privilege FSC and PEFC certified materials and suppliers closed to our workshops.

Reduce the carbon
footprint of logistics


Our 250 customers are delivered regularly. Therefore, Nordprint favours environmentally friendly carriers and encourages the customers to reduce their frequency of order.

Progress in our work habits
and value our employees


Nordprint is an SME that attaches importance to the employees by training them and valuing them. With the installation of technological tools, we dematerialize our exchanges internally and with our customers.

Support schools in Tunisia
with Mission Libraries


In partnership with Libraries Without Borders, Almadanya and Dachser, we collect books, transport them and create libraries in Tunisian schools.