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About Nordprint

Making colour charts
Binding books
Creating printed healthcare materials

We’re all about “handmade”. From paper to book, whether printing, finishing, applying paint, assembling, laminating and binding, mounting samples and supplies to your colour charts… since 2000, Nordprint works with 230 clients in Europe.


A colour chart offers a real sensory experience!
Present your ranges to create links between colours and materials: samples allow people to touch textures, to appreciate shades.
A colour chart is the go-between for your sales materials (brochure, leaflet, catalogue, bundle, etc.) and your materials. Every colour chart truly showcases your materials.
Nordprint produces colour charts for companies which manufacture paint, laminate, wall cladding, flooring, fabric, metal, wood, concrete…

No. 1 manufacturer of colour charts using the actual paint


Nordprint strengthens books for libraries and media centres so they can be read many times over. Nordprint repairs damaged books and gives them a new lease of life.

Over 100 libraries use our services.

Printer and finisher

Nordprint produces hospital records: patient master records, archive sleeves, hanging files, medical imaging files, registers, etc.

Over 200 hospitals receive files for their different departments.  


20 years of experience in the printing and hand finishing market. A team offering comprehensive expertise in papers, printing, adhesives, cutting materials, assembly and gluing, binding and laminating, mounting samples. Benefit from our skilled craftsmanship whilst receiving the friendly service of a small company.


An online database coordinates the entire production chain: quotation, stock management, production schedule, quality control, delivery and billing. Enjoy optimal organisation in terms of logistics, transport and customer support. Nordprint has significant purchasing power for raw materials, mainly in Europe.

Our success is down to structured processes, meticulous logistics, a determined and close-knit team, efficient material and computer resources, all with a responsible approach in mind.

Your contacts

Vincent Nordprint - PDG

Vincent de Lardemelle

Nathalie Nordprint - Chargée de développement

Nathalie Havez
Development Manager

Robin Nordprint - Responsable export

Robin Lambert
Export Manager